Hi, We're Altcraft. We help deliver emails.

You might be visiting this page because you've received an email from a user of our service. Altcraft assists businesses in delivering emails seamlessly, eliminating the need for server management. Discover more about Altcraft.

What is akmta.net?

The domain akmta.net is exclusively used by Altcraft mail servers and is dedicated to tasks such as authentication, identification, and bounce processing. If you notice this domain in an email's header, like within the message ID, DKIM digital signature, or Return-Path, it indicates that the email was processed through Altcraft.

Our Anti-Spam Policy

At Altcraft, we are committed to maintaining a reputable sending environment and strictly prohibit the use of our platform for sending unsolicited messages or spam.

We only work with organizations and companies that have collected their databases legally. Sending is restricted to recipients who have explicitly consented to receive email messages, our platform cannot be used to send to a list obtained through purchase or rental from third parties. For a comprehensive overview of our sender requirements, refer to our Anti-Spam Policy.

This policy is non-negotiable.

Steps to Take Upon Receiving Spam

If you have received an email sent through Altcraft and consider it unwanted or in violation of our terms of use, please contact us at abuse@altcraft.com. We will verify whether the user had the right to include you in the mailing list, and if we find that the user is abusing our platform, their account will be promptly disabled.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us at contact@altcraft.com.